Any ball players here? I need help choosing a light weight, durable, yet affordable aluminum bat for my ball team. Discuss please
i once bought a bat on holiday

the plane was upset about me bringing it back

when i was about 13 too

what reason does a 13 year old have to hijack a plane?
maybe if theres blacks on board
oooo a stealth. They won't even see me coming. Any idea what a godly bat like that would cost? Any comparible bats in the 'biz?
The Stealth costs somewhere around 150-200 USD. I don't really know any comparable ones, the only bats I used this season were a 31in-23oz stealth and a 34-31. The latter was just teh sex.
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I will definitely look into it...I'm contemplating getting a good ol' fashioned woodie as well. Discuss.