Does anyone have any tips or ideas to make it easier to sing and play some crazy riffs at the same time?
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yeah just, keep on practicing.
keep the guitar easy at the beginning, make it harder after time..

practice is the key to.. yeah everything


Learn note values. If you are a metal head, chances are you will be playing all downstrokes in 8th notes or so. If you are a folk guitarist, you will be strumming loosely in 8th note patterns with some 16ths.

Just practise that way =]
Yeah practice...I did, even though I can't sing
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make sure you've got the guitar part perfect first, and that you can play it without too much concentration.
Then the words, you'll probably know them by heart anyway. learn where abouts in the timing the strong consonants hit and focus on them.
A good starter for me was Do It Again by QOTSA. It had basically one riff the whole way through and the words are fairly simple but mixing them took ages.
A good practice song though.
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I can tap, hammer on/pull off and sing...playa playa.

Just practice guitar parts first...then after you get it the lyrics come in your head...then you can sort of do it without thinking.

Figure out which words are on the accented beats of the bar, or which words are sung when you change chord, etc.

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i cant even talk when i play....my parnets will come up and ask a question and i wont respone if im in the middle of a song or something
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Just keep practicing the riff and it'll melt into your mind and then its easier
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i cant even talk when i play....my parnets will come up and ask a question and i wont respone if im in the middle of a song or something

Haha yeah ..so true!!! my parents think im ignoring them then they get all pissy..
I personally care little about singing and playing... since my voice sounds horribly when I sing, lol. But my roommate is great at it and he told me he just started with very easy song and went form there. So just don't try playing a complicated riff with odd timing and singing at the same time as a starting point.
If you like Metallica, learn seek and destroy guitar plus vocals, its the only song I can even attempt to sing at the same time.

The reason being the simple riffs in that song give clear indication of which words go where,


The chorus is made of a 3 chord decening pattern, over which the words 'Searching, Seek and Destroy' are sung.

Searching sounds on the first chord, then the second sounds, then seek and destroy is song over the last chord and palmuting.

Its really easy to pick up that song. Hope that helps

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You got to start slowly and try to make it so that you memorize what note with wat word. like when you say a certain word, you should remember to strum on that word, or move your ur hand on this word. try thinking about the song in your head while playing it, or playing air guitar while singing, it helps.
I find it's easier in songs where the vocals follow the guitar almost exactly.
For instance a few songs by Death (Pull the Plug and The Philosopher):
Hope this works:
    See   what  I   See?   

Second line of The Philosopher, get the song to figure out what I mean
It will never be very easy. Gary Moore himself said that he felt relieved when he came back to the blues because it was hard to sing and play rock lead at the same time.
But just practice with easy songs at 1st. I wasn't able to sing and play before. I always or went out of rhythm singing, or went out of rhythm playing. Now at least with some work and practice, I can be in rhythm with easy acoustic songs. Too bad my singing SUCKS.
So just practice with easy stuff before. Also, you should 1st know the guitar part at perfection, and the vocals at perfection, so you wouldn't be busy thinking about what comes next.

Find a really simple chord song and build up from there. Course, I've always had trouble with keeping both up to tempo when I'm doing them at the same time.
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Just listen to a song over and over and listen where the you start singing and what riff you play while singing it. It'll get much easier. Trust me.


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practice some easy songs while singing and playing.. i noticed that after i could play a few songs and sing at the same time, i could play and sing new songs with little to no practice
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john mayer - Who did you think... is a bitch to learn to sing n play
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Quote by gigson111
Does anyone have any tips or ideas to make it easier to sing and play some crazy riffs at the same time?

Have you ever seen anyone do that?

a. it's too hard
b. it would sound awful

The "crazy riffs" would not complement the voice.
This is why lead guitarists who sing tend to sing and solo alternately.
Or, do U2 style - where the Edge plays very simple riffs that dont tangle with the vocals.
If you wana sing at the same time, do either of these, or strum chords - like in Wonderwall, or most Goo Goo Dolls songs.
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