Does that mean I'll have another reason to watch it apart from Terry Wogan?
You have to remember that Bailey has to survive the UK public vote (which shouldnt be too hard)
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Hell yeah I heard about this a while ago. We always have crap contestants (so does the most of the other countries but we seem to exceed what is shit). I mean Scooch? What in the name of Jesus' hairy left nipple were the voters of that show thinking? At least Wogan shook them up a bit .

All hail the Bailey!
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Na. They'll bypass the obvious choice for the cheap gimik we usually put in so we can be the rest of Europes bitch yet again.
There's a good entry if Bailey enters. Simple as.

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Bill Bailey is a legend! Hes definetly got my vote.

Lets just hope the UK does the right thing and votes him into it...
I love him, so good in Black Books and his stand up. He's also an amazing musician.
Lordi is the only decent other Eurovision entry, their music is good even if you don't like the gimmick.
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Bill Bailey must sing Insect Nation!


Or Hats Off To The Zebras, Love Song or I Will Not Look At Titties For a Year.

But his best song is The Leg Of Time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc79m1X-mXU&mode=related&search=
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He should definalty win it. He has so many funny song.

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Hats off to the zebras!

I love Mr Bailey, I'd vote for him. At least we know whatever entry we have next year will be better than Scooch. How embarrassing.
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But we'll obviously pass up the chance to not make fools of ourselves so that we don't have to host the next contest.

lol Terry Wogan last year

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YES! YEEEaahsh


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Erm... what's a eurovision? We don't have any Europe over here.
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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Erm... what's a eurovision? We don't have any Europe over here.

It's like a music contest thing, all the countries in Europe participate. Also, you don't have 'any' Europe? Is it possible to have a little bit of Europe over where you are?
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Bill Bailey is a legend! Hes definetly got my vote.

Lets just hope the UK does the right thing and votes him into it...


if bill bailey gets in to eurovision, it will be the last eurovision ever, simply because britain would win be default for the rest of time simply because bill bailey entered it

bill bailey pwns