that's not literal right? lol

some of the recordngs are better than others, the best recorded ones are I Know You and Killing the Catalyst.

and don't forget, we recorded it in my brother's bedroom lol
and i think that's pretty damn good for a bedroom lmao
I think its pretty good. What did you use for recording?
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The recording isn't too bad, and I did enjoy most of it. 'I'm Sorry' is a little too much for me, but I liked 'The Promise'.

(Also, I agree with your singer/you sounding like Ben Folds a little bit).
You guys have got some good material. Personally I'm looking to hear something different, and this sounds like alot of the new "indie" (or whatever. just what your myspace genre said) I've heard.

Regardless, they're crunchy and catchy tunes.
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