hey, about a year ago, i started playing power chords and octaves using 1st finger and pinky, is this a bad habit? because even though i feel its better for speed and stuff, i just dont see that many people doing it

corey from trivium does the power chord thing with 1st finger and pinky...

there are pros and cons...but i guess its all down to each player's comfort...
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No its not a bad habit. It is actually a very good technique when playing fast power chord riffs (e.g. Master of Puppets verse riff) as it allows you to move up and down the fret board very fast. There are a lot of guitarists that use this technique including Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and John Petrucci just to name a few.
Personally, I can't play a powerchordy riff like Master Of Puppets with my pinky.
You mean like playing the 5th with your ring and the octave with your pinky as opposed to playing the 5th and octave with your ring?

I do it both ways. I hear it's easier to use the pinky, but I never play power chords, being a bluesman...
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Kristopher Dahl uses his pinky for power chords.
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Jeff Loomis does so as well. I find personally very relieving (sp?), I almost broke my hand off trying to play Coma of Souls with my index and ring...
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I play 3 note power chords so I use my index finger, the one after the middle finger and my pinky. sound better IMO. I think using your index and pinky is for n00bs because they can't stretch that far but I guess it doesn't matter.
It's not neccessarily a bad thing playing them with your little finger. The only downside I see is that if you want to extend the chord at all (for example playing an add9) you would have to switch fingers.
I use first and pinky for power chords, it's comfortable for me.
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