15watt tube class A amp for $200? just bid on it
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I've played a Trace Elliot that looks to be from a similar era to that - it sounds amazing. I'd just buy it, it looks good and if it's anything like the Tramp tube I tried it'll be well worth what you paid.
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I may be wrong, but I think that's the model that is exactly the same as the Gibson GA15 goldtone amps... I own a GA30 (the stereo model, basically 2 of those in 1 box) and I can safely say it has one of the best clean tones I've EVER heard (it slays most of the "b00t33k" things that I've tried.) If you want a mellow jazzy clean tone with an almost AC30-ish vibe about it, go for it! If you want anything else, don't buy it you will be disappointed it won't do marshall-esque crunch tones, it won't do metal.

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