I have been borrowing a friends Jackson DKMG trem, but I like the wizard skinny necks of Ibanez, much easier for me to grab the lower strings. Almost got Jackson till I tried out the Ibanez and it was way more comfortable to me. Anyway, the Ibanez looks the closest appearance wise, designed by EMG humbucking pickups, close in price, just want to know if anyone has personal experience with it.

Also, whats a good amp to pair with this guitar? Looking at a Peavy Classic 30 or maybe the Vox, but its hard to tell because there isn't any places that I've found in town that has them to test out.

Edit: type of music I like to play is metal/rock and to do some shredding(well, learning right now anyways). Am getting into a little bit of funk/blues, but not too much. Been playing acoustic getting my chops up and starting to look for electric as thats what I've wanted since the beginning. Thanks for any advice and opinions!
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