I've been looking into the Ibanez S2170 Prestige guitar, and it looks killer, but aside from the pickups and £500, what is the difference between that and the S470?
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the 470 is discontinued... by what i can tell
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Nah, they do them in Ice Blue or Black, but the natural finish ones I think are discontinued.
Funny words.
the finishes...the prestige wizard neck...original floyd rose

get the S2170 man...im getting it in a month on my birthday

but then again...
you might not like the stock pups in the S2170 and since its 500£ more
you might consider getting the S470 because you can swap the pups easier and
sound better then a stock S2170, but if you swap the pups in the S2170
then your going to have jesus' guitar.


is the one your looking at the S2170SFENT with the ebony swirl finish?