i have a Stagg Gothic H-300, and it has a bridge that looks like a Les Paul bridge, but on my high E string if i play the first fret (my tuner says its a F note??) it sounds like its hitting the fretwire, but none of the other notes or strings do it. i am currently changing my strings and i notince my bride was loose, and i wiggled it and it can come off without un screwing it. is this a good thing??
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i dont know my bridge comes of without unscrewing it, but i would ask the dude at the music store
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you might have to sand down the other frets.... i had to do that
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The bridge will come out. Its normal. The problem sounds like it could be the nut.
Wait what? The first fret IS F. second fret is F#. i dont see the problem. A B C D E after the E note is F
yes the bridge is supposed to come off without unscrewing it. and check to see if the string is actually in the saddle at the bottom. and it could be intonated wrong. take it to a shop if u have to.