Me and my mates are going camping there on Friday for 5 nights or so and I'm wondering what there is to do for a group of 17 and 18 year olds to do besides getting very very drunk. We're staying about 3 miles outside of Ryde, have no cars but access to Buses and are all quite happy to walk to places. Any hints of anything to do please, especially from someone who either lives there or has been there.
Thanks in advance
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really theres not much there. not been to ryde but been to cowes a few times and thats only good for getting drunk.
well there is the use of drug cause there would be no fuzz, or you could have a sex orgy which is a good one, maybe do sum vandelising to cabins...lol jk but there good ideas
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I'm not kidding, that's what everyone who lives there is!

The only real place to go there is Blackgang Chine

edit: Poor you for living in Gosport too! Fareham ftw!!!!!!


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i went on holiday there last year and there's not much to do if you're over 12. i was looking after the kids all the time so i took them to Robin Hill and Black Gang Chine but apart from that and the Waltzing Waters (which to be honest isn't that great) there's not much to do apart from hit the pubs and beaches. there's a nice beach in Nettleston. i cant remember what its called but its intimate, clean and has an awesome cafe
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