So this is the second orginal song that i am posting here. This one isnt finished ...just want to get your thoughts on this one... I think it came out pretty good.

Please let me know what you think....

Its the top one called NewJam


Leave your link for Crit!
sounds good to me man! i dig the flange in the there. pretty killer guitar tone too. nice melodies. drum programming is really good, although your snare sounds really computerish. overall, i like it a lot. hell yeah. \m/
I'm just taking a stab in the dark here but I bet In Flames is an influence on your playing. I liked it. It's got melody and heaviness. If it were mine I would add something behind the melody that starts at 00:13 and recurs. Use the other guitars (I think I heard three at one point) to beef it up somehow. And of course make the drum beat more aggressive, which I feel always makes a good song even better.
I like the flanger in the beginning. Good playing, nice rhythm chops. The riff is a bit bland in my opinion, standard metal - it does have serious potential with vocals though!!

I can hear SERIOUS In Flames and Sentenced influence there :-D

The drums are ok, the hihat gets a bit annoying over time though.

Good job!

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