The first one is in regards to tremolo picking. Do you guys have the same motion for tremolo picking as for standard picking? The reason I ask is that your movement is pretty much restricted to up-picking and downpicking, not shifting your hand because you might change strings like in a normal run. Thus, do you take advantage of knowing your hand is in one place and do a different type of technique that might be able to pick faster? Basically any tremolo advice would be nice, I think my muscles are just flat out slow.

The next two are about sweeping. Firstly, how do you sweep a pattern that is only sweeps in one direction. Example:


Do you pick all down? Or do you up-pick the lowst note on your way to the sweep? Any tips here would be great. In addition, would you pick it any differently if the lowst note was not on the downbeat?

The second part with sweeping is (please don't stop reading) about anchoring. I know saying that here is like saying Voldemort, and I don't anchor while picking, but I was wondering if it's an effective motion for sweeping specifically. Because you're using your arm as well in sweeping, not as much wrist rotation, the motion is pretty much along the natural way the pinky would bend. The reason I am guessing it might be helpful is because it's easier to obtain a consistent speed with your motion when the bending of the pinky gives you some feedback. The slight pinky tension in this is also not tension in the part of your arm that does the main sweeping motion. So if you could bring yourselves not to shout, I wonder if anybody has some insight. cheers
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Know any good teachers in NY, especially skilled in teaching ear training? Tell me
1) I tend to pick the same way regardless of the situation. That way I can go from
one thing to another without having to change anything. But, that doesn't mean it
may not be good to use different techniques in different situations.

2) Depends how you want it to sound. In general, I'd probably alternate the first
string of the next batch because I have to move by it anyway.

3) No, if anything I'd find sweeping an even less likely place to anchor. I get plenty
of feedback with just the pick on the string.
For question 2: When you go to the second and third arpeggio, I would up-pick the first note and then down-pick the rest, but that's just me...
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1. Well, I use different motions depending on the situation. If I were to do string skipping, for example, I'd have my arm to do the big movement when skipping strings and the wrist doing the actual picking. So, basically in your situation most of picking would be from the wrist as all the picking is only on one string.

2. In this case, all down.

3. You need to try it yourself and see what suits your style best.