Greetings UG! I am a bit strapped for cash at the moment and want a guitar to take off to college. I play mostly electric but figured I might as well explore the acoustic personalities of a guitar. Mostly I just want a decent travel guitar that I can throw in the trunk of my car and that won't set me back too much financially. I have a $100 limit because of all the college stuff. I was looking at the Takamine Jasmine and it seems decent, but I've never actually played it (I know, huge mistake, but none of the guitar shops around here seem to have it) so I'd have to buy it online. Is it worthwhile? I've read the action is a bit high, but this can be fixed, yes? Saving up for a better quality guitar isn't really an option for me because I'm already saving up for a better electric and I'd rather have a better electric than a better acoustic. Being broke is not fun.

This is the guitar of interest:

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If $100 is your limit, then I'd say that'll be just fine.

Another option that I would recommend is to look in pawn shops and search around on eBay. You can probably find something much nicer, but used, for $100.
i have a jasmine that i got for christmas a while back. i guess if your money's tight then it's a good choice (or buy used like that guy said). but it's not really a good acoustic, and it's pretty fragile. or at least mine is
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oh yeah and the action is REALLY ****ing high
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
have you looked into oscar schmidt? ive never played one but theyre made by washburn which i personally love, and think are great guitars. they may be cheaper / better than the jasmine. if someone has one and im wrong, sorry, dont flame me.. ha