my Band Recently had there first proffesional gig

we were tight and everyone said it soudned amazing

but the band that was on after us did a lot more moving around on stage

does it reeli make that much of a difference if your jumping around

or does it just mae you look like a nob?

is this the right place to post this btw i wasint shure?
yes, get into it. live music isn't about music. its about watching someone go crazy and hopefully get hurt
Well i have expirance on stage and u just gota remember one thing, get the crowd to feed from the band then the band will feed from the crowd. Move around make it look like your enjoying it alot even tho they might not be 'dancing' you can make them but they wont unless u give it all youve got. Its half the show.
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yes, get into it. live music isn't about music. its about watching someone go crazy and hopefully get hurt

haha! so yeah go mental?
Move around on that stage, be energetic (but not too energetic). I'd much rather watch a band who made a few mistakes in their playing but moved around a lot rather than a band who played flawlessly, but stand up like statues.

No spinning around in circles though, you may get dizzy.
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dude , you gota go crazy
love the music, all you gota do is bang your head and move

smile, look at the crowd, pull ****ing stupid faces
its all good
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It depends, some bands can create the energy with their music (tool, megadeth, slayer etc), so they don't really have to look like buffoons on stage by jumping around. Then again bands like slipknot (don't flame me) can pull it off nicely. The big thing is that the jumping and moving around doesn't affect your playing *coughdragonforcecough*
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haha! so yeah go mental?

exactly, just lose yourself in the music and jam like you're alone in your room kinda drunk and maybe in your underwear
the sound should come first, but no one wants to see a band with a boring stage show
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its metal/electronica
a few things:

1-Do not look at you guitar while playing it looks good if you are like looking at a lamp that is really at the back of the room, or just the back row, because that makes you look like you were looking at everyone.

2-Try to move around, get wild and interact with your band mates, for example joke around on stage, etc.....

PS: if you have got a big amp jump down from it xD.
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just lose yourself in the music

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I listened to your music and its good, but it wouldn't look right if you went crazy on stage. I would just dance around, maybe move the neck of you guitar or bass up and down. You could jump alittle but dont go too crazy.
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Well dude, it depends sometimes on the style of music, but if u watch other bands and see which ones where cooler on stage and stuff you'll pick up some cool moves or whatever. But if u look at the band Guns n Roses for example... Slash stood still, slouched over and played and he was the coolest dude alive, but if u look at some more punk bands they jump around and have fun while they still get the crowd going wild
I agree, just go with the music, and go with what you're comfortable with. I go wild and im prone to headbang hehehehe.

Or just stand there looking cool and flirt with hot chicks in the first row. Now THATS fun
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Smash everything on the stage at the end of yer show... destroy the whole set and you'll be the crowd's new god!!!
I don't think moving around is important at all. Most of my favorite bands never moved around on stage. I'm going to a show to hear great music, not to see some guy jump up and down. Music isn't secondary to jumping up and down and being "into" it. Its the most important part, without the music there would be nothing.
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Just remember this: when you're up on the stage you're not only a musician any more. Now you're an entertainer.
Keep the music your main focus, but get into it a little bit. I would be bored at a gig where the band is just standing there looking at their instruments and playing the whole time. You don't have to go crazy but it's not gonna hurt you to move around just a bit.
There's no rule or real advice to this topic at all. Just go with how you feel...if you start co-ordinating moves before gigs, every show will be the same and will be predictable.
me and my band just finished playiung tonite, and we like to move around but we dont do no fallout boy jumping =P just do what feels natural, afterall it aint hip hop, there aint no dance routines
Enjoy what you're doing on the stage...
If you guys are enjoying yer gig, even the crowd will...

again, its not rocket science. Its just a gig, its just music... just go out there, do yer thing and have fun!!
Give them something memorable that will build hype for your band if you do some sick stage move. Hendrix created a huge amount of buzz with his antics.
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