Hello all,

I'm considering upgrading my Yamaha Pacifica with better electronics and/or trem system as a short-term alternative to purchasing a better guitar. Although there are many better guitars out there, I've grown sentimental about my Pacifica because it was my first guitar. So I'm considering upgrading it to a better one, rather than sell it, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it.

Have any of you upgraded the pickups or whammy bar on your Pacifica? If so, did you think it was worth it? My Pacifica has good wood, but crappy electronics and whammy bar.

I play a variety of music, from vintage British invasion stuff to NWOBHM. I was considering putting a Super Distortion or SD JB in the bridge (although I'm concerned the JB may be too trebly on a bright alder guitar) and maybe a hot rails in the neck for Iron Maiden lead tones? And maybe a different middle pickup for variety?

Next year I plan to purchase a Mahogany+Maple top humbucking guitar. I'm looking at:
Ibanez S470 DXQM for their cool Zero Resistance trem
one of the PRS SE models
or another Les Paul alternative

If I'm less than thrilled with the stock pickups on the new guitar, I'd consider swapping in a humbucker from the upgraded Pacifica.

Any insights?
I have a JB in my maple 1987 Baretta, and it sounds quite nice. It IS bright, but not overtrebly.
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Thanks for the feedback -- also, I guess if the JB is trebly, that's what the tone knob is for ...
I've played a friend's Pacifica, & it wasn't a bad guitar at all, playability-wise. A new pickup will breathe new life into it, and a quality trem system would definitely be more fun to play. Some people may tell you that it's not worth sinking money into that guitar, but hey, EVH has his Frankenstein, so you can have yours, too!
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