I was looking at this amp the other day, and Im thinking about getting it when I save up, because my Crate just isnt doing what I need it to do. Is this a good metal amp to look into?
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PLEASE use the search function
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no. I have the 112 and I wish I would have saved up for something alot better.

edit; with my pedal it's alright. but still poorly crafted and i'm having some problems with it etc.
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It's not really a metal amp.
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There are other amps better for metal. Tube combos a good idea though.
yea the distortion channel is TERRIBLE. the clean on the other hand sounds amaziing. you get way more than you pay for. But you should really invest in like a top of the line metal petal if you want to play metal through it. oh and get a 112. I ahve one so i can just save up to get something better later on in a couple years and its definately loud enough. and yea use the search function...