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yeah Can anyone recommend me a soulful blues song that is not easy but then again not hard. I just got heartbroken and i need something to ease the horrible feeling i have
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Aint gone'n'give up on love by Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Villanova junction - Jimi Hendrix
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I dunno about easy but The Bluest Blues by Alvin Lee is an excellent slow/soulful blues song.
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Pretty much every blues song is soulful, imho. It would be hard to recommend just one, anyway. Try out Stormy Monday by T-Bone Walker. That'll be a good one.
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Stormy Monday would be great, though I personally prefer The Allman Brothers Band cover played on At the Fillmore East to T-Bone's.

Also, something about B.B. King's voice really seems to soothe me, no matter what he's singing about.