hey guys, i had the thread in the wrong forum

alright, i'm going to be installing my first pickup set by myself (dimarzio super distortion and paf pro) in my agile TOMORROW, and i've never soldered pickups before, and i'm wondering if guitar pots and the jack and the like are really sensitive and would mess up easily if i accidentally make a mistake , i'm confident if i have a wiring diagram i can do it just fine, i'm just scared to ruin my guitar, thanks for any help, it will be much appreciated, thank you
Soldering isnt too bad. I tried modding a MT-2 metal zone, but that didnt work out so well, when you get down to finer electronics boards they are easier to fry and mess up...

But when dealing with soldering thicker wires to a pot its not bad at all, just stick place, heat, and hold it while the solder stiffens up.

basically you should know where everything is going and what you need to do before you start. Id suggest looking at the electronics and a schematic to how you want to solder them.

But when you get your pickups there are sometimes two ground wires. Sometimes one of the wires has a steel braid around the main wire which is something you would solder to the ground. All the tops of the pots are connected to the ground part from the input cable. So all the flat tops of the bots are 'grounded' which is obviously where you would solder your ground cables...

But for instance im getting a new bridge pickup. I first need to desolder the bridge pickup and remove it. Then after I install the new pup onto the pickup ring and put it through the hole to the electronics cavity, I need to solder one of the wires to the volume pot. There are 'prong' like things that come out of the pot that I will need to solder this cable to.. In this case I can just see where the original was attached.

Gibson already put a connector that connects the volume pot to the tone pot. This would be the hardest part cause I have the least amount of room to work with... but its not too difficult.

Then I just have a couple of ground wires to solder and I would be done...
Of course you would need to repeat whatever steps for the neck pup but attaching them to the neck pots of course :P

I dont know what kind of soldering experience you have, but if not very much I would suggest getting some wires and peices of metal and soldering them together. Just to get the feel of it...

And also I would suggest a 25-50 watt soldering iron, and rosin core solder.

haha and your thread got moved as I was in the middle of typing
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lol, thanks man, i deleted it because i realized i was probably going to get reported or something, thanks alot, that really helps, and i already have a soldering iron and some rosin core solder, my uncle works on guitars and i'm going with him to get the pickups , so basically i can just re-solder everything back where it was? i'm pretty sure the pickups come with a schematic, and yeah, i'm gunna fool around a little bit before i actually do it, don't wanna mess up anything and have to oder new pots or anything, thanks
Yeah, just resolder everything where the old pots/pickups were.
While your at it, install a good capacitor and good pots. Depending on which agile you bought, you may need to.
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i do need to >.<, i'll see if my uncle has some around, he should, thanks for the advice