i was watching my friends mudvain dvd yesterday and there guitar player had 2 vht heads in his rack. i never thought heads would fit in a rack. was his custom or something?
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I believe racks are 19 inches wide, therefore if the head is that size then yes you can rackmount it.

Usually bands have custom built gear for their racks. And many times that gear doesn't even have a power section, just a preamp and they run that out to a power section.
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Maybe the width of the racks is adjustable. Sounds like a good idea. Get the heads out of the way and away from the cabs.
No, usually when you get a rack unit, they make preamps of the amp you like. For instance if you have a Dual Rectifier amp in a rack unit, it'll have most of the actual amp heads features, but it will be a rack unit.
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Yeah, a few companies make rack amp heads- mesa comes to mind.
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you can either buy a rackmount amp head, or a rack that can mount amp heads. your basic amp head will not fit in a rackmount.
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Tom Kalnoky from Streetlight Manifesto has his Dual Rec mounted in a rack, with some preamp stuff, a wireless system, and a supply drawer above it. It looks like the normal head from the half stack, nothing custom at all...It's like half rack, half ATA case. It looks REALLY convenient.
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you can either buy a rackmount amp head, or a rack that can mount amp heads. your basic amp head will not fit in a rackmount.

There are some stock amp heads that will fit in a standard width rack space. The short body Mark IV and the early Lonestars come to mind. An amp like a JCM 800 or Dual Rec will need a special section in the rack to hold the amp. If you move the rack rails farther apart, no standard rack equipment will fit properly (you would be able to mount to one of the rails, but not both). This is why you see custom built racks everywhere for most touring bands.

This is John Petrucci's dual rack setup. Here you have examples of both.

On the left you see a standard rack in the same case as a Road King head. Notice the opening for the Road King is a lot wider than the 18" rack opening.

On the right you see two early Lonestar heads. These heads are shorter than the standard 18" rack width and can easily be made to mount to a rack shelf. In this rack, each head has its own isolated, padded compartment (more for travel than anything else).

Hope this makes sense.
yea, go on ebay and u can see racks with a space for a triple rec up top and regular rack and other storage below it.

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