So I've decided I want to move the speed I can perform a scale, particulary the minor pentatonic, so that lead lines would be easier for me to play, and I could learn them quicker. I can play all 5 of the standard box positions at 16th's at 60 bpm, not really fast at all, but capable for most solos, and I'm curious is I run through each patern throughout the day how long it would take to get them the 60 bpm's up I would like to achieve hopefully by our Jazz Fest concert (Probably may). Do you think it's possible with correct practice?
About how long if I practice each patern each day for:
15 mins with a break between each scale:
30 mins with a break between each 15 min session, and a break between each pattern:

I'm obviously not going for exact estimates just aproximates, as there are quiete a few factors. It's about 2 hours of scales each day with the 30 mins, but thats not bad as I practice for at least 3-4 hours. I play pretty much when I get home till
i go to bed about 5 hours top. I work on other skills as well during the other time available.

I'm aiming to get into our all-state Jazz Band and maybe a few scholorships, so on a side note any information on what skills I need in order to achieve such a goal in that time frame would be great as well.

That isn't really going to help you that much - all that does is train your fingers to run up and down the scale, leading to boring scalar playing. What you want to be doing is practicing licks and working out some horizontal patterns to get you out of boxes and get you playing all over the fretboard.

Don't worry about your BPM, you get judged on the content of your playing not the speed of it. Certainly a jazz band isn't going to be bothered about how fast you can play, they'll only concerned as to how smart you can play.
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Yeah, I've started working on the Lick of the Day at Masterclass, to help out, and I got a book for of well shred licks to try and counter that a little bit. I have a Jazz lick book on order, but my guess is I'm going to have to wait a month to get it. We only have one music shop in town and its not just a music shop. It also sells things like Mage Knights, and Pokemon cards...it blows in reality.