Hey guys, whats goin on. this is Joe, one of the guitarists from We, The Horizon. We're just getting started as a collaboration from a few bands in the past, and we're trying to get some input from people as to how they like our stuff. We find it pretty tough to fit into one genre. We've got two songs up so far, pretty rough recordings but you get the general idea.

Let us know how it is!

Listen to "Rubble" and "Opening Night" at:
its not really my style, but i will admit youve got some good stuff here.
keep up the good work.
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i really like the music, but the mixes aren't too great. do you have the files in a WAV format? cos if you do then i could mix it for you.

keep it up.
nah. don't have them as WAVs
'opening night' was done just with one mic in the middle of the room, then the vocals over that...
they're just rough demos, we're working on getting better quality ones in the near future.

thanks for all the comments though.
We've got a new song up on our myspace. Still not awesome quality (especially the drums) But give it a listen and let us know what you think if you get a chance.


Call us back when you've given recording, please.

I'm waiting! I like!
I really enjoy them! (I just wish they were recorded better, of course.)

I'm hitting the add button, so I can hear more when you record more!