What are decent settings for Blink 182, Plain White Ts, etc... i have a Marshall MG10CD Combo Amp, and an Ibanez RG120 guitar. no pedals, etc..

it has Clean [Volume]. Overdrive [Gain, Volume], Tone [Contour]
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I don't own a MG but i don't think tone and contour are the same thing. However what i do know is you can figure it out yourself if you own the amp and can listen to the song and you can play the song. it shouldn't be that hard not too much distortion but just enough to but an edge on the notes. but seriously why....?
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To be honest there's not an awful lot you can do with one of those amps, you'll certainly struggle to get it to sound like anything you've heard recorded. Jus tmuck around with it and get it to sound the best it can, there's not really anything else you can do.
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Ive got the same amp. All i have worked out is trivium tone = gain 10, tone 3

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MG's have tone?
haha just kidding... Im not exactly sure about those settings, but dont we have a settings thread somewhere? some of those bands might be in there, and a little bit of tweaking you can come up with somethin
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for the tone control, is it only one knob that says contour? if yes, you just need to work with that and see how it controls the tone. as in all the way counter clockwise will be heavy on bass, and all the way clockwise will be heavy on treble. straight in the middle is a flat EQ. look in the stickied ultimate settings thread for stuff on the bands you want and see what kind of EQ they have. work out how to get that kinda thing with your one knob.

just remember, that is a beginners practice amp so you wont get the same kind of tone as in recordings. those guys use amps that are expensive and give them more control options. so just work with what you have and the settings given in the sticky.