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edit: (i think thats what it was i took it a few days ago)
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Excellent Musical whatever

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77.8% awesome, better than i thought id do
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I got a 78%. Does anyone know what #22 is? I recognize it from a song or something i think

it's probably pretty common, but I recognized it as the intro to Give Em' Hell Kid.
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Wow, I've been here for a while.
i got an 88.9 but i agree that most of it is more a test of memory than pitch
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They really should allow you to repeat the sequences in order to eliminate the memory test aspect.
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I blame my shoddy short term memory for my score of around 50 i think last time.

Edit: yay! I took the test again and improved to 75%!
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i do ****ty on those because i have awful short term memory
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77.8% awesome, better than i thought id do

same here.
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wow, it really seemed like I was doing better than that.
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69.4% correct

*inserts excuse about having lame short term memory*
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Anyone know the name of the piece from which, around about 20, first there was a very heavy brass thing that went C C# E F, really sustained, and then the next one sounded like it was built around fifths. I think it might be early stockhausen but I cant really tell

I don't believe this is an accurate test regardless of my 'excellent musical abilities' lol, it's alot of short term memory too
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The last one sounds an awful lot like Funkadelic.
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I'm not bothering with the test, I know for a fact I have a good ear for tone.

The ironic thing is, I have a moderate to severe hearing loss. Usually with hearing losses it's not just a loss in volume, but a loss in tonal quality - everything gets mushed together, in a sense.

But for me it's just a volume drop. I can tell perfectly when something is out of tune, and I have a good ear for tone changes etc.
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