Ive reached a state in my life where im at a crossroads one with many different paths, and im sitting here looking at all of my routes i can take and its kind of freakin me out you know, im sure all of you have gone through the same thing, alot of crap has been going on and im just ****in fed up with it, so i have been doing research on things that i can do to confront my problems, you kick the **** out of them and all, and to help me get steered down the right path that i should take (altough im sure that there are many paths that have rewards at the end im looking for one that well be most benefitiary for me in the end).

So i was on the internet and i stumbled upon a thing called dianetics, you know the whole Scientology **** and stuff, so I though what the heck i might as well read it if anything it will make me more smart than i all ready am, and as i got further into it i realized that it is full of ****.

Dianetics is a set of ideas and practices regarding the relationship between mind and body that were developed by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard put forth the view that most mental and physical problems are caused by traumatic memories (which he called "engrams") that are stored in the unconscious mind, which he terms the "reactive mind." The goal of Dianetics is to become rid (or "cleared") of this portion of one's mind. Once at this state of "Clear," according to Hubbard, an individual becomes able to function at his or her full potential.

You cant just sluff of your old memories they will always be there wether you are in a state of clear or not, but the idea of confronting traumatic memories really struck a note with me, and i realized that, that is what i need to do.

Is there something like this out there like Dianetics but the total opposite, you know confronting your problems and kicking the **** out of them, and then realizing what you just did helped you to become more focused. You know...thats one less problem i have to deal with, i just kicked it in the ass...on to the next one. And eventually you would have confronted all of your problems, the experience will still be there and the memory of it hurting you will be there but you would feel less hurt cause you were able to go kick it in the ass or confront it and move on.

Basically what im saying is, is there something like dianetics but totally opposite of what dianetics is?


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Yes.. He's also the guy who wrote about space aliens in a book called Battlefield Earth..

Seriously.. I have some of the Scientology books, specifically Dianetics.. And honestly, there's nothing scientific about it. The whole thing is just one big joke, as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead and read one of the actual books.
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Well, what problems are we talking about? Take the bull by the horns and try to ridd yourself of them, one at a time.
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& you kinda answered your own question, you want to confront traumatic memories, the resolution of this problem is probably some form of hypnosis or something, idk


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