Advantages or disadvantages of a a carved top Les Paul compared to a Flat Top Les Paul. And what affect does chambering a guitar have, besides weight, as in sound, Thanks!
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i like carved top les pauls, since it looks nice, vintage specs, and its comfortable for me to play. most carved top have nice body grains too. Flat top is just too flat. it's kinda boring.

chambering would ofcourse lessen the weight, but it gives you more of a warmer, thicker, fatter sound, and i read somewhere there's a great "presence".
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Giving it a carved top adds more sustain and since they're usally maple tops it also gives the guitar a nice maple "bite" that compliments the mahogany of standard LPs. And chambering does give it a thivker sound IMO, but with most gutiars that are only slightly chambered its not very noticable.
Chambering a guitar gives it a more open, resonant, and warm sound.
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