ok i just got a new ampeg ba 115 amp, and 1998 epiphone rivoll ll bass...Now...what do i do with it? Any suggestions? Or beginner songs i could work at? Pls! Im in need of serious help!
I'd consider playing it. Scales, songs you like, fingering exercises. Stuff like that, there is no rulebook. Though...playing it is a good suggestion if I do say so myself.
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i learned from a book at first.....I used the fast track books 1 and 2. good thing to start with it teaches you little songs and the major and minor scales....and they were nice enough to put the tab below the music so you could learn to both read tablature and sheet music.
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you really have no idea??

you put it on your wall, a bass is just a very expensive wall ornament.

but seriously, you came onto a tabliture website ignored all the tabs and came to the forum to ask a bunch of strangers what to do with your bass

i fail to see the logic in that

how about you type this into your browser http://www.ultimate-guitar.com and then click on the search bar on that page and type in the name of your favourite song
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Billy Jean by Michael Jackson is fun to play and relatively easy.

Doesn't require any complicated techniques.

Higher Ground/The Seinfield theme are good songs to start slapping/popping with.

Just learn your favorite songs and you'll soon become interested in learning things that are more difficult.
Yeah, learn scales and learn to find your way around the bridge and what notes are what. plus try to make your finger work faster.

any song from My Chemical Romance is a good begginer song beacuse mikey suck at bass.
learn the natural scale in all positions, learn some easy songs (you can tabs for them. ) i would suggest like...maybe a song from the Ramones or someone who plays simple stuff
Well when i fist started playing i learn't from books and i would also suggest making sure you know all the techniques i.e pull offs, hammer ons and get to know you way around the bass i practice that by trying not to look at the frets just looking at the music
First song i learned was Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Worked wonders for me. But i still recommend getting maybe a few lessons from someone who's been playing for a while and know there schism.
I'm a noob bassist too and my parents were wondering why i refused to take classes or why i even bought a bass. i got my first bass a few weeks ago and... I think i'm okay for a beginner. It's really easy. I learned the scales by myself such as the gmajor, a minor and major etc.. by myself. Just look online first and instead of wasting money on classes, read. I learned a song the first day i got my bass and i knew the notes (cause i learned from a website first) and the tabs. Remember, the internet is your friend!