I recently stumbled across a used 1998 Les Paul Standard with Honey Burst finish at a local music shop. The guy wants $1,100 US for it, which I thought was a good deal, until he mentioned that it is cracked between the neck and headstock. I figure I can glue the crack to try and prevent future breakage, but I think the $ 1,100 US price tag is a little much for a gibson with a cracked neck. What do you think?
1100 is too much for a gibson without a cracked headstock
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i dont think so... its used, so you wanna check it out closely. my epiphone sg had a crack in the headstock also, thanks to my little brother, but i got it fixed perfectly so you cant even tell there was ever anything wrong. so, cracked headstock aside, you need to look at the rest of the guitar for minor problems. if its still worth it, you should do it if you got the cash. of course, getting my guitar fixed wasnt free, so neither will yours if you get it done professionally (which i STRONGLY suggest that you do). if you got any questions, just like PM me or something if you want any details on how the guitar was after it was fixed or the price or whatever.