This is sort of a newbie question, but I'll ask anyway. It seems like if I play fairly hard on the fretboard, eventually the low E string starts vibrating on its own. None of the other strings do this. The string is in tune, but it seems like it is a touch loose. It is very apparent when I mess around with tapping, as a lot of force is applied to the fretboard. Is this normal? I have never had my guitar set up, when I bought it I was pleased with the action and how it played.

Oh, I have a Schecter C1 Blackjack and I play through a Valvetronix AD30VT.
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just rest ur tapping hand other the other strings u dont want to ring out

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Yeha, thats what I do, I don't know why only the low E string does this though, it occurs at other times. I guess it makes me better at muting unwanted strings.
i don't define myself by what silly groups i join.
S&S is right. And if your schecter is anything like mine (and yours in a couple hundred more) i doubt you need to get it set up. But check that you arent using too small of a gauge of string, the nut might be set for thicker strings.
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Yeah it has the stock 10's on here, they need to be changed. Everything else seems fine, so perhaps it is just sympathetic vibration.
i don't define myself by what silly groups i join.