I bought the cube 60 today and a new guitar , the cube is amazing and I'm very impressed. Do you guys know some cool settings that I should try out?
YEYYY! More Cube 60 owners.
Try Bass-2 Mids-5 Treble-8 on the clean channel. Add some slight chorus and use the neck pickup. Enjoy.
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I'm not a fan of the cubes, in fact i strongly dislike them.

Well aren't you the helpful one?
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R-fier channel.

Take your pick in EQ.
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I'd tell you what I used to have... But my speaker blew and went real muddy.. So I had to change the settings to:

Bass - 0
Mids - 10
Treble - 10
Presence - 10

And STILL use an OD to tighten up the low end to get a fairly good tone out of it :/

It's a good amp though.. Only the fucking speaker blew
wooo i have a cube 60, awesome, you shud try the r fier with the chorus fx or something, then play like metallica, really wierd
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on my cube I use

Bass- 10
Mids- 0
Gain- 5

That's the tone I use for metal anyhoo
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on my cube I use

Bass- 10
Mids- 0
Gain- 5

That's the tone I use for metal anyhoo

Don't use these settings. Don't scoop the mids. One of the Ten Commandments of not sounding like crap. Aside from buying an MG, Spider, etc.
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Actually it sounds good!

I played it with bass-10 treble-10 Mid-10 and it was quiet good!

why you posting in this thread if you strongly dislike them?
at least the man is honest.

I'd probably buy the vox valvetronix first, but i still give props to those cubes. very decent amps
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I second the valvetronix but since he's already bought a Cube...

I dunno, maybe try some of the stuff the settings thread.
R-fier, gain 10. treble 10, whatever you want with other knobs. I don't have one but my friend does and I do quite like em.
I have 2 Roland SS amps from the 80's and I LOVE ROLAND. The 50-watter I use a lot is a straight amp (no modeling) but hooked in with my Zoom G2 sounds awesome too... Roland does CLEAN very good and Chorus too. Mine has built-in effects - just no modeling (flanger, long-delay, short-delay and Chorus).
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'Cos i'm a bit of a dick and i have nothing else better to do.

Backing off the treble works wonders on cubes.
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Don't do the whole 10 treble and 10 bass no mids thing. I play death and black metal a good amount, but there is no need for a setting like that.

If you want big contrast between the EQ, try something like 8 treble, 7 bass, and 3-4 mids. It will sound much better than no mids all on just about any amp.
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'Cos i'm a bit of a dick and i have nothing else better to do.

valid reason! continue!
Well I find that on the metal stack mode it's much better have it balanced; just set the bass at 4, the mids at 5, and treble at 7. This helps get red of some of the muddiness. And turn down the treble if you use the bridge pickup more often. Good luck with the other modes, because I just find them horrible.

Also does anyone know a good EQ setting for the Acoustic mode?
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I love the Cube60. I think its one of the best practice amps ever. I wouldnt use it for gigs...but still...
i own a cube 15x which is the same amp without the effects pretty much...and i use this


bass = 6.5
mid= 5
treble= 9

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The Cube 15X doesn't have a "R-fier" setting.

It doesn't have any models .
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on my cube I use

Bass- 10
Mids- 0
Gain- 5

That's the tone I use for metal anyhoo

Dont scoop mids people!!!! The majority of frequencies produced by a guitar are in the middle range!!! Scooping mids is like ripping all the soul and uniqueness out of your guitar!!!
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