first link is a Seymour Duncan and those are quite good BUT the guy doesn't say what kind of pickup it is ... so... I can't give you to much advice on that... Seymour is a good pickup brand but that's all I can say

The second link is even worse: I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHICH BRAND!
So If you can find out those things (p.s. my German isn't that good so I might have looked over the types/brands)
i dont know much about pickups what does humbucker mean ? i think thats the brand or i^m wrong ?
or anyone know which pickup is nice for a mustang .. the original one sucks
You've basically got 2 kinds of pickups:

A single-coil pickup, that's those kind of pickups that are on a Fender Stratocaster... just one line with the "microphones"

And then you have a Humbucker which is basically 2 Single-Coil pickups put together so it has a bigger, rougher sound...

Single-Coils are often used in lets say country music... not much power (which doesn't say that they're better or worse, they're just different... )
Also Jimi Hendrix played with Single-Coils, single coils also give those screaming Hendrix-Style guitar-pieces

Humbuckers are more often used in Hard-rock and Metal... like Metallica and stuff... more a powerful sound.

So Humbuckers or Single-coils is just the type of pickups

THEN there are 100's of brands which makes both of these pickups and give them their own name cause one is more for jazz-like music and a other is more for metal etc.

Then you're second question...
Mustangs, as you can see, has only one slide of microphones in stead of two put together SO IT'S A SINGLE-COIL...
This means that you can't put humbuckers in this guitar (except when you're going to heavily modify your guitar) so you must search for Single-Coils...
And from now I leave it to others cause I'm not a big Mustang-scientist
Think you must search for Telecaster-pickups (????)
But jsut wait for others to reply...
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thanks but u cant take a humbucker in a mustang ,
cobain do it much other people do it

u know where i get a Seymour Duncan J.B.
Where you can get one?
According to the fact you've send me a Austrian version of Ebay I would say:


Would most propably the cheapest, biggest store you can find them "nearby"
You could also just search on EBAY for Seymour Duncan and search a bit

AND Cobain did have a Humbucker but you can't do that on every mustang...
If you can get a picture of your exact model (internet or a own image... I don't care) I could tell you more but on some (most?) Mustangs there isn't enough room for a Humbucker (although, if you really want a humbucker and if doesn't fit you can also look for Seymour Duncan Hot/Cool/Vintage Rails... Those are humbuckers but smaller... Seymour also has some other small humbucker-like pickups)
Yeah you have Single-Coils...
So you must look for a single-coil pickup (sorry mate!) or you must do some heavy modifying!

For single-coils I can advice you some Lace Sensor's or Swineshead Pickups (www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk)