Ive been playing fool for your loving by whitesnake all day and no matter what i do i cant seem to solve this problem. Whenever i hit a note, another string will start ringing, not loudly it will just vibrate enough to make my playing sound really sloppy. But the weird thing is, Ive been playing it all day looking for what Im doing wrong and I cant think what it is, Im definately definately not touching the string that begins to buzz, and sometimes its not even near the string Im playing on, like I hit a 2 finger chord on the d and g string and the e string began to buzz. neone know how to stop this?
Palm-mute the offending string or do touch it with a finger to stop the vibrations.

I remembered seeing this too...I have seen guys put a wrist sweatband on the neck at the nut to mute string vibrations.

The only time I even thought about doing this was when I was in drop-D so it was not on my mind in my original response...sorry.