hi everyone
I am searching for a new amp and I am having a dilema between 2 amps:
a used line 6 vetta 2 or a marshall dsl 401.
after a big disappointment with the tsl 122(it broke after 4 hours of playing!!) I am very carefull with buying the dsl 401.Its sounds really nice and I think that the reliability is better then the tsl 122 but still, with my past experience|(and others) I am not sure.
on the other hand,the vetta 2 - although not a tube amp - sounds very good and has good reliability and tons of features.
I can buy them both roughly around the same price.
so,what do u think?

um well the vettas are very flexible and u can get lots of diff sounds out of it......but IMO nothing beats the bite of a nice marshall....so in the end its up to you...but i would go with the dsl....
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well, what are you playing, whats your guitar/pickup situation...etc.
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Depends on what type of music you're playing and what other gear you have.
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