kinda meh it may sound like it doesn't flow but how i sing it it does so yeah, kinda a different kind of song for me

i heard the song we loved
the one we listened and learned
i knew it was the one
cause i could tell once id heard it
wrapped in and out
of all the crevices in our brains
and you didn't doubt
we'd ever hear it again

and if you weren't there
the song wouldn't sound so good now
it stopped the air
cause im breathing a new kind of low
and im sure
this wasn't an accident
i'm sure this changed the way
im gonna grow up

when the water meets the shore
we're all left waiting for more
but we dont have the time
cause im watching yours and you've taken mine
the birds in the trees
are soaring over the sea
and i don't have the time
cause you've still got my breath

lines in the sand pray
please take me home (yeah)
if i tried today
you'd never be alone
summers over but i'm here
till we die

i heard that song we loved again
i listened and enjoyed
like the way i did the same for you

i heard that song again
i couldn't wait for it to end
so i could get out and start my day brand new
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