Well this one isn't really a new one since i made it a while ago but it gave me some ideas for my Classic Rock track so some rhythm parts maybe sound similar to the end of my CHRock song. But hope you enjoy.
Nickles and Dimes.zip
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sounds great, and i did enjoy listening to this.
i dont like the solo thou, try making it more complicated, like faster, or something.

overall its nice, just needs a bit work at the solo.
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Sounds good, pretty dark progression. I like the softish verses, they contrast the chorus to make it more interesting for me. In my opinion, a solo is something that I listen to that shows off what can be done on an instrument, and shows off that person's talent, so I would call your solo more of a breakdown or just a bridge or something. The solo should be a little more attention catching. Little bass and drum outro at the end is good, I always love a good bass and drum outro . Great song overall, I'd give it a 7.5/10,with some catchy vocals it could probably be a 9.

Crit mine? Thanks.
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