Okay so here's the deal..I'm going to give an example for you guys to work with..suppose there's a metal band recording..five guys..vocalist,drummer,2 guitarists (lead/rhythm), and a bassist...suppose these guys are going to record..whats a typical schedule for people who are entering the studio? what do they start with? and what do they use?..thought it would be interesting to know..I may be entering a studio soon..
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You'd probably lay down the drums first, then bass, guitars and vocals last. Depends how the studio/engineer works and what they prefer doing..
Depends on your budget really. If you've got a couple of weeks of studio time, you'll probably do it all separate, but if you've got a matter of a couple of days or a week or so, you might do some bits at the same time, like maybe drums and bass and maybe even rhythm guitar all at the same time, and then lead guitar and vocals separately. My band usually does drums and bass together because they play better together than they do separately. And then guitars and vocals all separately so you can dip in and out much quicker and easier with retakes and overdubs. Everyone works differently though, and it takes some time in the studio to work out how you work best, most efficiently and with the best quality. Best of luck