the age old question ? olp mm vs fender squire jazz. i play funk slap to metal and punk this would be my 3rd bass but only the 2nd that works (my 1st wasnt int he best shape it must have had like 4 owners) if i had 2 choose probaly funk over metal tis funner

dont just flame me by saying "look it up yourself blah blah blah" cos i dont want 2
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Try them both out...I prefer stingrays, I have an olp mm3 but different people, different opinions, you could probably get a Mexican Jazz for the price of an mm2 though.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
I have an mm3 and it's a great bass. I kinda don't like the low B string, but that's not its fault, I just never use it.
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First of all, if you're going to call a Squier a Fender, you might as well call the OLP an Ernie Ball.

Anyway, I've owned both those basses you've mentioned. The OLP is much more like a Precision than a Jazz with regards to neck width and feel.

I'll cut to the point. The MM I've owned was horrible. There was glue all over the fingerboards, the neck came with a ridiculous amount of BACK bow, and the nut was shaped and set all wrong. The neck itself was so damn fragile, you could bend it to almost unhealthy degrees with little or no effort. The bass would go sharp or flat depending on what angle you're playing at; the weight of the headstock would actually make the neck bend. As far as tone goes, the OLP was a bit louder than the Jazz, but the OLP sounds more like a Jazz than a Stingray. The OLP had little or no true bottom end. The humbucker was little more than 2 large Jazz pickups cased in the same cover. You can solo both 'coils' with a volume knob, just like a Jazz. The pick guard looked like a sticker, and the flame maple top looked like it was printed off the internet. The 3-piece Basswood body was an eyesore.

I can't think of 1 thing the OLP did better than the Jazz. The Squier was a solid instrument which, unlike the OLP, sounded a bit like the instrument it was supposed to.
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