I saw Coheed the other day, and am trying to figure out what type of wah pedal their guitarist is using. Heres a pic i got of his board, its the pedal on the right.
A quick look on Wikipedia says their lead guitarist uses a Crybaby Wah. But, that doesn't look like a Crybaby to me. In fact, I'm not entirely sure that's a wah pedal. Are those knobs sticking out?
Yeah, those are 4 knobs on top, which threw me off. I know for a fact that is what Travis was using as a wah (it might be some other effect processor, but it definatly being used as a wah), i was front row and watched him use it. But yeah, i knew he use to use a Crybaby, thats why im confused as to what this is. It has an amazing sound to it though.
I took a look on the Digitech website.. And I'm convinced its an expression factory.. The knobs on the expression factory have 3 doubled up ones and a single knob.. All placed exactly the same.
Yeah, I'd say it's a Digitech Expression Factory

Maybe he uses a Crybaby in the studio but live he uses that?
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Looks to me like a Digitech Expression Factory.

I just looked that up, im pretty sure thats what it is, thanks man.
Yeah, it's an EX-7. I have one, I should know. It has a Crybaby setting on it too, that could be what he meant
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