I started playing bass about 8 months ago and can only read tabs. I want to learn how to play jazz bass and i figured that in order to do that i would have to be able to read sheet music. so my question is does anyone know any good ways to learn how to read it, like a website or someting?

edit: Just out of curiosity, how long does it usually take to actually be able to read it good?
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one way I know to read sheet music for stringed instruments was to buy a tab book with both tab and sheet and try to comprehend what its saying. Otherwise if you know people who give lessons or even know how to read the sheet music and ask for help. From my experience it took me not long with a trumpet but with guitar and bass it takes a long time because you know of the availability of tabs for the songs. I don't know if that really helps otherwise Guitar Pro 5 allows you to put the notes into the program and it will give out the tabs.
ok, i have a bass instructer and i was gonna ask him to help me learn on m y next lesson but i wanted to see how much i could learn by then. thx for the help and ill probably try to use guitar pro to help.
To your edited question, it depends on how well you are practicing. It can take many years for you to fluently sightread with the bass. Start slow, and work through songs a piece at a time, then put it all together