I just picked up a Thunderbird IV bass. I'm mostly into hard rock, and this tone suits me well.


there's a problem with the action. it's higher after the 12th fret, and too low for the first 12, where I get extreme buzzing on the first and second fret.

where should I make my adjustment? should I raise the bridge? or use the truss rod in the neck to straighten it out?

I know this should probably be in the bass forum. but this is a general stringed instrument problem, and I'm most likely to get more responses here.

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Anyway, sounds like truss rod needs doing to me.
fret the first fret Low E, at the same time,
fret the last fret Low E, where the neck and body meet.

with both places held, look at the middle frets, 7-9th.

if the string lays on the fretwire there then you dont have enough gap, and repost.

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