Hey Guys,

didnt know where to post it...
So I post it here...
While surfing on YouTube, I found that one

Click me

I havent heard the track before, anyways it sounds beautiful to me!
Any1 more tracks from that guy?

Greetings, Daishi

-> If this is the wrong place to post it, just tell me...!
Its good, but some of the bends really let it down.

EDIT: will agree, not amazing in the slightest.
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Yah, but in the comments there's something about that the guitar wasnt tuned
right. Maybe he'll make a new recording? Strange thingy in the end^^
I'll try to find and cover that one 2, amazing song!
whats so amazing about him?
seems pretty average to me..
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It would be very good if the guitar was in tune. At the moment, it just sounds horrible.
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I only managed to listen to a short while of it... the guitar playing was average at best... not what I'd call 'amazing'
I also thought that the guitar was out of tune...
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Sorry, search the the user Mattrach and have fun with it...16 years old and plays Vai/Satch/Petrucci without a flaw, along with making some of his own very good compositions.
hes not much better than me and i suck...
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WOW! That Mattrach guy is awesome!!

He's in relation to his age, the best guitarist in youtube. I also like a lot Gustavo Guerra and Peo Kindgren.

I wouldn't say amazing. It isn't bad at all. The guitar is slightly flat it sounds.