Hey im a n00b :P

The only way i can read "chords" tabs is with that "basic chords" lesson at hand so i can figure out what E4x or w/e means, because when i scroll over it just gives me


or something and im wondering how to read it, i think each x is the fret number, but what do the "o"s mean, arnt you supposed 2 play open string on all the non "x"ed strings? when i try to decipher it out myself it sounds wierd, so, i just want to make sure if i'm doing it right.

and anyone know any good n00b songs to play?
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Yeah, the x's are the frets. If it sounds weird, you're probably not reading it right.

And a good starter song to play is Hero by Enrique Iglesias (sp?) or Shine by Take That.
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Some noob songs for you:

Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana... one of the first songs i learned

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (try learning bits of it... it'll take time to learn to full song... even i cant play the full song!!)

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (pretty simple again... some practice and you should get it)

Wonderwall - Oasis

Vindicated (acoustic version) - Dashboard Confessional (really easy power chords based song)

Stare At the Sun (acoustic version) - Thrice (another really good song though you'll need to listen to the song a few times to figure out the strumming patterns)

Green Eyes - Coldplay (another nice song... not very tough... Listen to the song a few times to figure out the strumming pattern)

That should keep you going for a good while!!

And in case you like Rise Against:
Blood to Bleed and Give it All are pretty easy enough songs to play... Though Give it All might get a lil tricky in some places... most of it is pretty easy...
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hey thx alot, and yea i am a rise against fan if you didn't figure it out by my username lol, but i still dont know what the "o"s mean, is it to play open string??? because you already play open string on the non "x"ed strings... or i think you do- i dont know
I found your post a lil vague...
If you could give me a link to that page i can help you out a bit more....

and yeah, it was yer username from which i guessed you like rise against.
Blood to bleed, Give it all, State of the Union (if you know how to play in drop d tuning) are all pretty easy Rise Against songs to play...
Swing life away might take a lil time and practice to get it right...

'o' usually means you play the string open. You don't mute or fret it, you just strum yer guitar and play that string open... Basically keep yer fingers away from that string when you're playing it!!

but again if you give me the link to the page, i can get a better understanding of what you're looking for...
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some songs that are fun and easy are
jessica-allman brothers
get back- the beatles
moby dick-led zeppelin
and pretty much any wolfmother song