When you buy the new NIN album Year Zero, the disk is black and you can only read the year zero at the bottom, so i lent my cd's to my lilttle brother and he left them in the car so the sun was beating down on the CD, i came back was like WTF?! It turned mostly white with 0010101's all over it and some silver lines very sweet, anyone have this happen to them?

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Year Zero features a thermo-chrome heat-sensitive CD face. Appearing mostly black except for the title, when heated the disc turns mostly white, hiding the title and revealing lines, blocks, the copyright notice and a series of zeros and ones. The binary sequence translates into "exterminal.net," leading to a website sharing the same URL.

When you play the CD it heats up and changes colour.
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Yes, the disc is thermo....whatever the word is.

Its what happens with all the discs.

I think it looks cooler in the cold though (no pun intended)
Hey, just so you know, Joey Ramone died.
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