watch from 1.55 onwards. thats some fast and furious legato. i was just wondering what i need to practice to be able to play stuff like that. decending runs? repeating licks? general legato? i was also wondering whether if this was slow it would sound really simple..and its just because its played so fast that it sounds so great. would it be too much trouble for someone to tab me out something similar to this??

i would also like to add that gary moore is my favourtie guitarist and is highly underrated along with john sykes (another ex-Lizzy axeman).
well at 1:55 he just starts to alternate pick and play fast as hell, um thats not legato last time i checked, but if you want to be able to do that just practice getting your hammerons and pulloffs fast and precise with all fingers and runs and such.
just practice things like 12h13p11h15 and repeat it. h-hammer on p-pulloff
it's not that hard once u get the left hand thing down try different variations and apple theory to it.
Finally someone actually wants to emulate one of the finest guitarists on the planet.
that man sweats an awful lot, someday i'll collect it and sell it.. or drink it
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that man sweats an awful lot, someday i'll collect it and sell it.. or drink it

Drink it, you might be able to get some of his powers. Gary Moore rules!