Im lookin for a second guitar price range 30-100£ Doesnt have to sound great as i will jus b messing around with it. Jus throw anything you have and i will give you a good price. Im based in Suffolk,england
£90? flying v?

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I got a Strat project that I'm willing to sell. It's a no brand, in chrome blue with a Tele style maple neck. It's pretty messed up looking but I have actually used in gigs and sounds ace. Nothin' wrong with how it plays. I just used spare parts I collected over time and assembled it. Interested?
I got a Yamaha ERG 121 HSH Lookin for round £80 v.n.o.

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i have a guitar which i want to sell, its a custom guitar but has quite a few scratches on it.
i gotta black strat im trying to sell. i can throw in two hotrails i havent got around to installing for the right price
I've got a Yamaha RGX121S that I'm willing to let go cheap (need all the money I can get to fund a new guitar). However, it's had seven shades beaten out of it. There are chips and dings all over the place, and it really is in terrible condition, so you probably won't want it, but the offer's there