Typing while listening...

Nice intro, I like the kind of muddy tone. Yay bass at last im this forum Drums sound quite good, maybe slightly fake sounding but it's alright. Nice effects at 36 seconds onwards i must say. Quite a nice voice, suits the song. This sounds like a really good song! I love all the different things that are going on, sounds awesome. What are you using for the effects?
Really nice tone on the guitar I'm tapping my foot which is a good sign A good solo kinda thing you have going on there, and the voice sounds sweet.
This is a pretty deep piece and I really like it, no timing issues of tone issues or anything A well constructed piece of music, good job dude!

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Love it all but the bass/drums. Dude you need a real drummer!

EDIT: Oooh, love the Coda. Very nice.

hahaha tell me about it! and a bassist!