Hello all.

I'm about to shell out my hard-earned cash on a new acoustic but iI've run into some major problems. Mainly that I can't afford it all. Kind of.

Here's my predicament.

I'd like an electro-acoustic, but have yet to find one that suits me unplugged. All the ones I have tried have sounded tinny and naff, except for a few high end Taylors but they're out of my budget by a long way.

I HAVE however found an acoustic that I really like, but its just an acoustic, no wired in pre-amp.

Chances are I'll get this guitar, I'd rather have a nice acoustic than an electro-acoustic that I just get on with.

However, I might buy a soundhole pickup to put in it. Now I know this has it's disadvantages, such as not being able to change the EQ on the guitar, you have to walk to the amp etc. But I think I'd get over that.

Anyway here's a few questions;

1) Are soundhole pickups any good? I've had one recommended which covers the entire soundhole, it doesn't just bar across it.
2) Is it that important to buy an acoustic amp? Bearing in mind I fingerpick.
3) If I got a soundhole pickup could I run it through my electric amp without any problems?
4) If I get an electro-acoustic with a built in pre-amp can I run it through my electric amp with no problems?
5) What is a PA system, how much are they, why are they different to normal amps and should I get one?

Just so you've all got a pretty picture to look at, this is the guitar I'm thinking of. I was looking in the £400-£500 range but I played this and loved it. Has a rough yet smooth tone and the bass has great sustain even when you're muting. You can feel the Boom-chik going right through you if you know what I mean.

It's called a Fairclough Sky, a fairly new brand. They do an electro-acoustic version but I havn't had the chance to try them yet. Plus this one is £215. Couldn't believe it when I saw the price tag. Is a lovely guitar;

In fact I can't find a decent picture. They're really unknown. Go here and click on 'guitars' then 'fairclough.' It's the 'SKY' you want to look at.