Alright so i need some passive pickups for my Ibanez...i'm lookin at an EMG H4 in the bridge with is the equivalent of an EMG 81, just passive instead of active. and i wanted to know what i should put in the neck...if anyone knows of a passive version of the emg 85 then that would be cool. other suggestions are welcome too...thx
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if you have a bunch of money to spend, get some bareknuckle pickups, I bought them, and they DO NOT dissapoint, you'll pretty much wanna hump the guitar. Which means you should probably buy a cleaning kit....
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you don't want to buy passive emg's....trust me....they're the same price as active's, so it makes no sense not to get them anyway, if you have to have passive pickups, get a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge and a PAF pro in the neck