When my amps volume is turned to at least halfway up it makes a static/buzzing noise when I play notes on the lower strings. Its quiet, but loud enough to be clearly heard and annoying. Is somthing wrong with the amp? Is there a way to tell if its the tubes, speaker, or wiring?? The problem just started this week. The amps tone and loudness remains unchanged.
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Have you changed the guitar lead or even guitar?
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I only have one other lead thats 5' and my other guitar is cheap but Ill experiment with them anyway. There is no reverb, its a champion 600.
"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky"
Quote by SCnutty
loose reverb spring might be the culprit.. i have the same problem

Can that be fixed easily as I think I have the same thing in a new 15w practice amp. Any movement of the amp and it makes a sound like a rattling spring.

(It was a cheap amp and it would cost me nearly as much to take it in for warranty repair as it would to buy another one.)
There was a recall on some (not all) of the Fender Champion 600's. My memory is not clear but I think that's how some players on another forum described this problem. If you don't clear it up yourself this might be worth checking on.
^pretty sure that was for a rattling or something...I'm not positive, but mine doesn't do anything weird, unless I have the bridge pickup, with active boost on, it gets nasty.
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