I've been wondering this for a while...

How do you play two strings at the same time if they're not right next to each other. How do you avoid the string in between the two strings. Is it possible to use a pick?

As and example, I used the first line from the Beatles' Song Money.


Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

Well you can pinger pick them, OR you can use a free finger to mute the string in between. I know its not perfect, but its what I do. It works for songs like "Fire" by Hendrix.
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i'd hybrid pick:
pick the lower string and use my middle finger to pluck the upper string.
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mute the middle string with a free finger like mentioned above if you are using a pick, if not then you use thumb and forefinger/middle

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what i do is i pick the string with a pick and use my middle for the other one. muting's not a bad idea either. personal preference really
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I didn't realize you could mute a single string. I'll have to practice that. I really need to work on my finger plucking though! I always avoid it. I think part of my problem is because I bite my nail and I don't like the sound my finger tips produce. I can never play loud enough either when I just use my fingers. Well anyways, thanks!
I'd expect an x to be there if it was muted :/
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