I have an Ibanez RG350EX. It will never say tuned in Drop C......only Dropped D. I dont know what the string gauge is.But im assuming its 9 because there thin-er compared to my Yamaha Pacifica wich has 10's.

I have a Floyd Rose Bridge and I remember the guy who sold it to me was saying that if I wanted a heavier gauge that there was some kind of mecanism to mess around with in the back of the bridge.....i'm not shure

What company and gauge of strings should i choose.

And jsut so you know, im going to my local music store to get the strings change because i dont want to **** anything up.

Please help
i use Zack Wylde 10 gauge (Dunlop) on my Epi LP and I can hold drop C after hours of playing

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trem aside, i dont think 9's will cut it for drop c...
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trem aside, i dont think 9's will cut it for drop c...

He's probably right with this.

.09s won't do a very good job of holding Drop C. .10s will do OK, but you should really look for some .11s or .12s if you like drop tuning that much
It doesn't really matter what company, but I'd get some 10-52s. I know D'Addario makes them, and so does Ernie Ball. If you can find them, I highly recommend DR. They're the best strings I've ever used.
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